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The Seal stands out

Online or in-store, consumers have hundreds of options

to choose from- so products need every advantage to stand out.

The Seal delivers.

It's backed by veterinarians so it's trusted by both consumers and those in the pet care industry. It's value goes beyond point of purchase, with benefits like marketing support and collaboration with leading experts in veterinary medicine.


The Seal is awarded by the VetEvaluated Product Review Council and is supported by a team of leading scientists in fields such as veterinary nutrition, toxicology, dermatology, dentistry, internal medicine, surgery and gastroenterology. The VetEvaluated team of veterinarians have expertise spanning a wide variety of species, from dogs and cats to honeybees!

Validation by these independent experts as well as mandatory, rigorous independent laboratory testing is what makes the VetEvaluated Seal one of the most trusted mark in pet products today.

Ready to have your product stand out?
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We're here to help throughout the VetEvaluated Seal of Acceptance application process.

If you have general inquiries, are looking for the latest product requirement standards or are ready to apply, please fill out the fields below and VetEvaluated will connect with you within five business days.

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