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VetEvaluated's Mission

The VetEvaluated Certification Program and Seal of Acceptance was founded by veterinarians to (a) aide in establishing industry-wide standards for the creation of safer and better quality pet products, (b) to establish a readily identifiable mark that recognizes and sets apart those businesses and product manufacturers who are going above and beyond to create excellent pet products and, (c) to uphold a mark of quality that pet parents and pet professionals can easily identify and rely on to help determine quality products in the marketplace.






​VetEvaluated is committed to helping credible manufacturers and quality products stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

The pet product industry is often referred to as the "Wild Wild West" due to the lack of regulations that govern it. This lack of regulatory oversight allows dangerous products (and some bad actors) to enter the marketplace and leads to skepticism and a decrease in consumer confidence in the quality and safety of the products being produced for pets.

This current system lacks a formal way to distinguish the excellent companies, which despite having few mandatory rules to follow, are guided by there own values and principles, and therefore go above and beyond to produce exceptional products. The VetEvaluated Seal of Acceptance validates and recognizes the efforts and quality products produced by these companies.

VetEvaluated's Seal of Acceptance helps to distinguish quality, veterinarian-reviewed, lab-tested products, thereby helping to increase consumer confidence and guide product selection.

The VetEvaluated Seal of Acceptance is a mark that indicates important things to consumers and veterinarians, such as:
  • This product has been (and continues to be) tested by independent labs for contaminants, such as bacteria, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

  • This product does not contain an unacceptably high number of calories.

  • This product has successfully passed a digestibility study.

  • This company has validated the claims it makes on the product packaging.

  • This product has been reviewed by real veterinarians and has passed a screening for elements of safety and other criteria that are clinically relevant.

​VetEvaluated's veterinarian-developed, rigorous quality standards required to earn the Seal of Acceptance are helping to raise the bar in what is acceptable for our furry family members.​


VetEvaluated provides strict guidelines for product safety and purity testing, adverse event reporting, and labeling and claims requirements that are within the guidelines provided by the regulatory agencies.​ Companies must also abide by Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMPs) in manufacturing, labeling and marketing to ensure products are consistently produced and controlled according to documented quality standards.


To earn permission to display the VetEvaluated Quality Seal on its products and marketing materials, a product must:

  • Maintain ongoing compliance with rigorous quality standards

  • Pass a comprehensive third-party quality audit every year

  • Pass random independent testing of their products


Look for the VetEvaluated Seal of Acceptance and find the products whose manufacturers are taking additional measures in making sure they are producing safe and quality goods for pets.
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