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Finally, a certification program providing consumers more confidence in pet selections while helping  promote safer products being developed for pets


VetEvaluated's Mission

The VetEvaluated Certification Program and Seal of Acceptance was founded by veterinarians to:

(a) aide in establishing industry-wide standards for the creation of safer and better quality pet products

(b) establish a readily identifiable mark that recognizes and sets apart those businesses and product manufacturers who are going above and beyond to create excellent pet products

(c) uphold a mark of quality that pet parents and pet professionals can easily identify and rely on to help determine quality products in the marketplace


What does the VetEvaluated Seal mean?


For Manufacturers

A veterinarian-backed method to distinguish your products. Proof that you are going the extra mile for your customers by meeting rigorous purity standards as well as other company and product benchmarks that help to ensure quality and safety.




For Pets & Their Families

Peace of mind, knowing that you've selected a product that meets veterinarian-developed criteria for safety and quality and that you're purchasing veterinarian-reviewed products. Support companies that CARE about you and your pet and are going to extra lengths to prove it.



A way to confidently and quickly make recommendations about pet products available outside of your hospital. Product benchmarks were developed to help prevent many clinically relevant and common frustrations seen in patients as a result of poor product development and selection.


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